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Dream: Plane Crash

Thanks for sharing this dream. What a great dream!
Here’s the dream:
I dreamt I was working and ran into C. We started talking about food and he was like omg you have to meet this chick that works here. We go meet her and she is a hot blonde and we hit it off right away. But the chick was a bad ass soup maker. And she made this pork soup and to make it taste right u had to be able to kill the pig in under 24!seconds. Lol so she killed pigs by choking them out with her legs Hahahaha. So any way after tht I was walking thru this building and a fighter plane crashed outside. We all seen it crash but it wasn’t sad or shocking it made everyone start dancing and singing. Then I went and had lunch with that chick that kills pigs and we made out a bit. Then later on it was dark and I want outdoor skating on a golf course that had ice trails lol that was my dream.
Here’s the solution:
This dream is mostly mixed images between negative and positives. So what you want to do with a dream like this is first highlight and notice the positives. When you are skating outdoors on a golf course with ice trails you are at your best. That is because you have learned how to skate on ice which is like flowing through the challenges in life with grace and ease. You are going to want to remember what you do well now, like skating on ice, because what is coming up in life will be a bit negative. Everyone will be okay and surprisingly will start dancing and singing but a fighter plane crashing is a big deal and you are in the process of learning about this.
Now you might happen to be skilled at walking through buildings when planes crash and maybe you are gifted in this in real life but looking at the metaphor for now is the place to start.
A plane is about traveling and air is about the future. Believe it or not the place you want to be is in the pilot position of that plane. But you can’t get to it because for one you are in the building and for two it crashed.
In real life, you are going to want to be more like your adventurous self which can go way beyond what you thought was possible to take extra-ordinary risks when you see an opportunity for a positive thing to grow into a great future. Right now you see it but then you let it crash. That’s why the plane crashed in the building.
You’ve got to stop doing that now. Otherwise everything will go up in flames.
Instead, you can ask yourself where in life are you like someone skating through a nice ice trail in a golf course. Be like that in your relationships even when others are not. Then you will get to where you want to go. So long as you are stuck in the fear of things going wrong you will keep seeing planes crash.
The reason the people could sing and dance even after a crash is because in the spiritual way of looking at things even negatives can be flipped to positives and Joy can be experienced even after horrible things happen. This is a tough one for most of us to get in our North American way of doing things. But probably C.and people like him don’t get it. But you do, that’s why you go skating at the end.
I hope this makes sense.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Daily Dream Diary – Public Shower

December 24, 2016

In the dream, a woman who is dealing with life in the old way, who fights to be in a lot of power is using a public shower but isn’t taking her clothes off. I find that strange.

In another scene, I am getting on the seat of an air balloon or a small plane with a seat attached. There’s a few of us on the seat and it’s a bit hard for us all to fit. Take off takes a few attempts.

Daily Dream Journal – Helping others out of a fire

I see two planes crash in the night sky.

They fall onto a high apartment building which catches on fire.

I notice the building is just two blocks away so I start running to the building.

On the way, I see others calling 911 on their cell phones so I keep running.

When I get there I see the flames are still high and I can help people in the lower levels get out.

I start running through the building, banging on their doors and shouting “Fire! You have to get out! Fire!”

I see a young girl who goes to get her family. And an 80 year old man whose family help him, and others who hear my call and leave their apartment.

One family is moving slowly so I help with a young child, carry her out to a tree and then run back in.

As I’m on the stairs I’m thinking to myself, “This is so unusual that I do this. No one else does this. How come others don’t help others like this?” And I consider going back to the grass to wait for fire trucks like others do and I just can’t bring myself to ignore the people who are in danger.

I realize that I just don’t mind dying and I think that’s why I take the risk when others won’t. In that moment, I don’t even have a thought of my daughter. My life just feels so insignificant and I accept that it is better to help dozens get out even if it means I lose my life than for me to try to save my life and have dozens die.

So I decide to keep going.

One family is not listening and I have to shout at them, “You aren’t listening! There is a fire directly above your apartment. You have to leave now! It could cave in at any moment! GO!!” And then they start moving.

I continue until I hear fire trucks and see fire fighters start entering the building. I walk out and sit on the grass, exhausted and feeling like crying for how close I was to losing my life but how grateful I am that I made it out and so did many others.

Car Dreams: Who’s Driving & Where Are You Going?

In the dream I am leaving an area where there was water & an island. I had been there, relaxing in a resort-type area. A small issue came up at one point but it was no biggie.

As I was leaving in my car, I set out on a road which went far into the distance. I thought it was a flat road but as I drove I realized it was on an incline.

The more I drove the higher we went. I got so it was like a mountain and I could feel the gravity pulling on me. The car was still going easily but I began to feel anxious because I could feel the gravity on me.

Then my view came far away from the car as if I was now in an airplane and looking out the window at the car going up a mountainside. But it was fuzzy and I couldn’t see the colour or the details of the car, just that it was really close to the top. It looked easy to achieve and looked like it would be achieved.

Then I was back in the car and I heard my mom & dad’s voices telling me this was impossible and saying all kinds of negative things which I believed and then I lost hope. I stopped pushing the gas as hard and without the forward momentum the car lost it’s thrust and so it started to roll back and then the air caught it and it rolled down the hill in big flips.

I was back in the airplane again as it flipped down the mountain and landed back where my parents were near the water & the island. They liked saying they were right.


There are a lot of positives about this dream. It’s positive to own my own island, to drive my own car, and to be able to go far up mountains.

The challenge comes in when I remember the negative voices of people in my past who didn’t believe in new possibilities.

When I listen to them I slow down and then the car gets devastated. Even if I am safe in an aeroplane.

With a dream like this, the key is to identify what are the negative type voices which come up and then let them go.

That is the inner work I can do on my own time. In reality, there is no one in my life who speaks negatively to me at all anywhere.

In real life, everyone is positive everywhere and there is so much support coming from every direction continually in every way.

But there are some memories of being spoken to negatively in the past which still effect me and this dream is a positive signal of it being time to change that.