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Changing With Dreamwork

29 August 2017

In the dream, I go with my daughter and sister to my Mom’s house. It’s cluttered, messy & dirty. My daughter is really young. At one time she’s about 3 years old and then another time she’s an infant. In the dream, I wanted to learn from my mom about how to be a caring mother but instead she was following me around the apartment and criticizing me.

I took good care of my daughter based on instinct, despite the environment being cluttered and messy. I wrapped her up in warm clothes and talked to her sweetly. Told her I loved her.

Then when I looked up my mom had 3 guns. She kept one for herself and gave one to my dad and one to my sister. She started aiming and firing at me, and my daughter.

I couldn’t get all three guns out of their hands so I called 911 and they said they’d send someone over but while I was talking on the phone then she changed her approach. She stopped firing but she started speaking in really negative words. I told her that her negative words are just like bullets, emotional bullets. She didn’t stop.

Then I grabbed her face and lips and tried to shut them.

She acted like an android and did not have a natural human response to that kind of stimuli. She didn’t flinch. She didn’t move a muscle and tried to just keep talking in her poisonous words.

I became filled with rage and felt like I wanted to kill her. To stop her and to end her violence. But I am not a killer. So I just pushed her away. She returned to the kitchen as though looking for something, like a cup to pour coffee in.

I was still on the phone with the officer and asked directions on how to get out of here.

Next I was on a Go Train and my sister was with me. She was tried from all the fighting and she rested her head on my lap. We got to our stop and got off but I didn’t really recognize where we were. I was carrying my daughter as an infant with us and got on a bike but then had to get off when the hill became too steep.

I walked the bike to the bottom and someone told me I’d have to pay Google for use of the bike because of some new trademark thing. I thought it was ridiculous.

Also I saw someone who wanted to commit suicide and I encouraged him not to.

Lastly, I bought something for $87 and it came out of my account which only had $94. I wondered when things will change.

Daily Dream Journal: Air in a Bike Tire

In the dream, I’m in a large football field type area. I’m laying down on a single bed and there is someone on the other side of the field. Eventually I go to them or they come to me and we are together deciding where to go next.

I have a bike which needs air in the tire and we decide to go down the street to fill it up.


Dream Analysis

Field = mind, in this case playful

Bed = Rest

Bike = A way to get to where your going, faster than feet, slower but more agility than a car, independence

Getting Air in Tire = Air is about future…so doing things to move into an independent future



Wake up and move playfully into a positive future!

Connecting with my capacity to do so.

Daily Dream Diary -Motorcycle

January 08, 2017

To dream of a motorcycle is a symbol about getting where you’re going by being independent and agile. There’s probably no more efficient way for someone to travel individually than on a motorcycle.

In my motorcycle dream, I was riding it for the first time and went to the gas station to fuel it up. There I found a man who knew a bit more about motorcycles than I did and he gave me a few tips.

While I was fueling up, a woman came by and as we chatted she found out I was fighting to keep my home and she offered $20,000 so the pattern could be interrupted. I didn’t want to take it at first but then said okay.

There was a greenhouse attached to the gas station and I was reminded that I had a garden to tend to in there. I looked it over and saw what I had planted. Some animals got into my lettuce and carrots and a lady said she had some seeds for me so she went to get them. I looked over the soil and pots and the lettuce and small carrots and felt proud of my small garden.

Police Car Dream

  • in woods with gracie at night
  • she’s being playful and goes a bit too far
  • i’m climbing over logs and thinking
  • someone caused a problem online and i was thinking of what to do next
  • then we are in a car and go backwards down a road
  • i think i have solved it somehow
  • but then i see a police car up ahead so i pull over and we get out
  • now it’s like we had bikes not a car and we leave our bikes in the bushes
  • we go out to the road
  • the officer tells us to get in the car and she’ll take us home
  • we do but she’s not going home right away
  • and we drive around a bit
  • and go to a small cafe like in ridgeway
  • i realize she and i went to school together
  • she’s harmless but i want to get home asap


** the thing about this internet guy is that he was up to something and we had a strategy to figure him out **


Woods are about the mind. Dark is about the unknown. I can think of Gracie like the part of me when I was her age and also like the real Gracie. She has the ability to go way out there and it’s harder for me. Driving the car is good. It shows I’m in control of where things are going in my life, even if I get there in what others would call backwards. The difference between bikes & cars is that bikes take a lot of physical exertion. A friendly police officer is a symbol for law enforcement with good intentions. In the dream it can mean inner consciousness, the voice of reason. The feeling of being relaxed when she was driving us home was soothing but I quickly became alert again when she wasn’t going the direction I expected.

This just shows how far Gracie and I have come in our growth together. Trees and forests are also about growth.

The best part of the dream was the relaxed part in the cop car but I think in reality it’s not good to relax in the back seat of a car. It means I have to do something to get back in the driver’s seat.

That’s what this is about.