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The Problem With Peace And What To Do About It

16 October 2017

If Peace is the goal then what next when it is achieved?

Three months ago I dreamed of swimming in an ocean while a huge tanker ship passed by near enough for me to feel the wake in the water but not close enough to knock me over. You can read the dream at this link.

When I wrote about the dream afterwards I didn’t have a lot to say about it and actually felt a lot of Peace. If Peace is the absence of the need to act quickly in response to someone’s negativity than that could be what I was feeling.

However, now that it’s October and I look back at that dream, I can say that an enormous life change was just days away from that dream. Less than two weeks after that ship dream I decided to move out of the home we’d loved for three years and the move was a result of a person/situation which was like a big ol’ ship threatening to knock me down and drown me.

If I would have asked more questions about the ship when it showed up in the dream might I have been able to decipher the threat sooner and choose something else besides moving? At the time, I could see no other solution. I could see no clear path. I didn’t feel unsafe. I didn’t know the big threat that was looming.

But I see it now and just find it interesting and thought I’d write to share.



Dream: Swimming beside a PRETTY BIG ship

13 July 2017

I’m swimming in an ocean. It’s night and I’m in great depths but it’s not cold and I’m not the least frightened. An enormous ship is a distance away from me to the right. Close enough to feel the vibrations of its engine but far enough away to not be moved by its current or wake. 

The feeling is this: I’m happy just where I am. I don’t feel like going toward the ship or away from it. I don’t have anything to go diving for. I don’t have anyone in need of rescue. I don’t want to go back to the shore and I don’t want to go in further depth.

There is someone to my right swimming. At first I thought she needed help but I see now she doesn’t. The feeling I get from her is that she is my twin, my double, like a mirror image of me. 

But there’s no threat from her nor does she need anything. So we’re just swimming.

Analysis: Okay, so this dream is neither “good” nor “bad.” This is a new one for me.

There was a lot more before and after this scene which I remembered for brief moments before I sat to write but then the images escaped me so that means there is some ego-protection going on that is just about parts of myself not wanting to remember things which are a bit painful in nature. That’s okay. That’s normal. That’s human.

So there’s slight vibrations from the BIG ship which I am picking up on. So I can work with that.

To dream of an ocean is like dreaming about a metaphor for life in general. It’s about relationships. It’s about being able to dive deeply into relationships, to dive deeply into life.

I’ve dreamed of a scene just like this before, but the big ship was sinking and I was trying to rescue people to save them from drowning. It’s a bit refreshing to be swimming in an ocean of life and not have anyone to save, not even myself. Metaphorically, it’s an emotional condition I’ve wanted to experience for a while and now here I am, experiencing it.

All I can think is to say this must be what Peace feels like.

And I really love it.

A lot.

Daily Dream Dairy – Hanging out on a Resort

16 February 2017

In the dream, I was on a huge tanker ship in a warm place like the Caribbean. Someone else was trying to steer it but it was getting off course and so they called me in to help. I ran from one end of the ship to the next and just got there in time. But I was able to get it back on track.

In another scene I was on a sandy shore. It was warm and refreshing. There was a lot going on and I was trying to make sense of it, helping where I could. It was busy.

Daily Dream Journal – Water dreams

  • getting ready to run a race
  • also in some Taekwondo competition
  • i go into a public shower room
  • am able to shower but don’t have a towel and only my running clothes to put back on
  • on my way back to the race outside i see 2 friends
  • they tell me they had a dream and as i listen i hear the same negative figure showed up in both their dreams, i consider how to interpret this
  • i get back to the race and see a friend, Mermaid
  • she’s smiling as always
  • then i am in a vacation spot with gracie, i look around and see a huge water playground and i realize we can afford this now, i know how to take a trip without very much money and how to enjoy it
  • i feel happy about that



there’s a lot of positives in this dream.

before the vision your dream gave you was about flying. generally people really like to be able to fly but while that is slightly appealing to you, this dream is much more of a personalized vision of happiness.

running a race, doing well in a competition, having a close friend around, and being able to take your daughter on vacation. these are all images of happiness.

the biggest problem comes when it’s time to shower. getting in doesn’t seem to be a problem but getting out is. no towel.

what is a towel?

a towel is used to dry off the skin after getting wet. not having one is like a symbol for not having a way to transition from the wet shower to the business of running.

most people would think of a towel as necessary. but for you, you know you can live without it and its not a big deal.

you’re dream wants you to think of it as a big deal now. not having a towel is stopping you from running as well as you could with one. it even effects your dreams.

so you can ask yourself “where in my life am I without something basic which others think is mandatory and I think is optional?”

what is a shower in this case?

and what is a race?

how can having a towel to dry off help you succeed in the race? or do well in a compition?

When you figure this out, you will be able to do more playful fun things with Gracie and others you care about.

Re-occuring Dreams: How To Put Old Issues Behind


I dreamed recently that I was floating in the ocean after being on the Titanic when it sank. A friend and I were alive and I saw a way to get us to where the rescuers were coming but she was too frightened to swim. I didn’t know if I should go back to encourage her or move forward to get rescued. 

This scenario is one I’ve dreamed of since I was in my early 20s. It’s a re-occuring issue for me. Even though something tragic happened, in this case our ship sank, still I had capacity and understanding to get to safety quickly. This is something I have been able to do in real life repeatedly.

The problem in the dream is a person who is too afraid to move forward. She doesn’t herself to move through the crowded waters and she feels devastated by the loss and suffering of the hundreds of other passengers in various stages of distress around us.

This decision I made in the dream about staying to encourage her or going for rescue is one which shows up in my real life all the time. Because I often understand not just the details of the current situation but I also have a grasp on the “big picture” then sometimes I see something which others don’t see and I wonder do I stay to explain or just move forward.

When to help? Encourage? Teach and when to detach and let go?

This dream presents this question to me today to reflect on.


p.s. When I was 20, I also dreamed of being on the Titanic when it sank. At that time in the dream I found a quiet place to meditate and I sat cross-legged saying prayers in a state of mediation while the water moved up my body and eventually to my face and I drown that way. I was repeating the prayer some know as “Remover of Difficulties.” In the dream, as soon as the water came up to my mouth I woke up startled.

To dream of surviving the Titanic sinking shows progress on many issues related to water – which is a metaphor for relationships & life. The best I can say now is that i used to be okay with people manipulating or controlling me with threats and harsh words so they could get their own way and I just don’t let any of that get to me anymore. It used to devastate me. Now when I see it I can name it for what it is, detach and move on towards a bright future where people are more united and connected. More on this later.