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Dream: A Friend Changes Her Mind

26 September 2017

In the dream, while I was sleeping a friend (S.W.) changed her mind and instead of coming home with me to a new place she decided to stay. My dream had suggested to me she might do this so I guessed that she might. She was angry with me when I guessed her negative action before she even told me because she wanted to see me get angry.

Instead of getting angry and lashing out I just made new travel arrangements by train or bus and went about making sure I was packed and ready for the trip. This seemed to annoy her to a degree.

My analysis: This dream is a memory of being abandoned by a friend who I trusted. She allowed something negative someone said to see a situation in a negative way in real life. The dream shows me what I can do well which is to stay focused on a goal no matter who comes along with me. The goal I’m striving to attain is higher and more noble than just getting into petty arguments with people who aren’t committed anyway.

Changing With Dreamwork

29 August 2017

In the dream, I go with my daughter and sister to my Mom’s house. It’s cluttered, messy & dirty. My daughter is really young. At one time she’s about 3 years old and then another time she’s an infant. In the dream, I wanted to learn from my mom about how to be a caring mother but instead she was following me around the apartment and criticizing me.

I took good care of my daughter based on instinct, despite the environment being cluttered and messy. I wrapped her up in warm clothes and talked to her sweetly. Told her I loved her.

Then when I looked up my mom had 3 guns. She kept one for herself and gave one to my dad and one to my sister. She started aiming and firing at me, and my daughter.

I couldn’t get all three guns out of their hands so I called 911 and they said they’d send someone over but while I was talking on the phone then she changed her approach. She stopped firing but she started speaking in really negative words. I told her that her negative words are just like bullets, emotional bullets. She didn’t stop.

Then I grabbed her face and lips and tried to shut them.

She acted like an android and did not have a natural human response to that kind of stimuli. She didn’t flinch. She didn’t move a muscle and tried to just keep talking in her poisonous words.

I became filled with rage and felt like I wanted to kill her. To stop her and to end her violence. But I am not a killer. So I just pushed her away. She returned to the kitchen as though looking for something, like a cup to pour coffee in.

I was still on the phone with the officer and asked directions on how to get out of here.

Next I was on a Go Train and my sister was with me. She was tried from all the fighting and she rested her head on my lap. We got to our stop and got off but I didn’t really recognize where we were. I was carrying my daughter as an infant with us and got on a bike but then had to get off when the hill became too steep.

I walked the bike to the bottom and someone told me I’d have to pay Google for use of the bike because of some new trademark thing. I thought it was ridiculous.

Also I saw someone who wanted to commit suicide and I encouraged him not to.

Lastly, I bought something for $87 and it came out of my account which only had $94. I wondered when things will change.

Violence in Dreams: How To Flip To The Positive

(Warning: This blog post talks about violence. Don’t read it if you don’t want to. There will be another softer topic tomorrow.)

12596832_10156573581925595_2111687810_oSince 2009 I’ve been deeply studying and reflecting on the mental state of an individual which can lead them to a pattern of acting with violence. Violence used to show up in my dreams a lot. I dreamed of being shot at, beaten, raped, killed in car crashes, drown in water, tortured. What was tricky for me to consider then but now with enough practice comes somewhat easy, is to detach from the negative emotions which come up around violence (mainly fear) and consider ways to do the positive opposite of the violence in my real life.

What I mean is that if I dream of being shot at by a close range gun for example, then that is a sign to me that I will bring happiness and support to others by saying or doing positive things in close range, such as calling someone and offering encouragement or support.

I can think of it as shooting positive guns of encouragement and when I do this it moves things forward at home, in the community, and in my work.

In our culture, we tend to easily find fault and talk about it behind the backs of others but why not find strengths and acknowledge them? I was trained how to do this as a Virtues Facilitator back in 2005 and I consistently applied the approach in every area of my life since then.

Anyway, what more of violence in dreams?

Recently I had a few more which really took some time to be able to process. Here are the key elements:

Dream: Train Collision and Icey Mountain

  • in a car in a train wreck
  • a train goes by and tears people to part
  • it rips at the top of my head then stops

I am in a car which goes high up a mountain, someone else driving but I am cheering them on.

I also climb high up a mountain on an icey path and get to the top

In these dreams, I saw people getting torn apart physically. It was gruesome and disturbing. The symbol of that means in real life I am seeing people get torn apart by negative conditions, circumstances or words.

In the dream, I was sitting in the back seat of a car and I leaned my head forward to protect myself and a train came by, smashed the car and ripped off layers of my scalp, like slicing a tomato.

I could feel the pain as if it was really happening and I realized that if I didn’t do something different I would die.

So I lifted my head up and started thinking of ways to get myself and others out of the wreck.

This is a symbol for being able to be in really painful or scary situations in real life and being able to keep my head together, keep my thoughts together, stay focused, to find the best solution for everyone.

The good parts of the dream say more…

We are in a car going up a mountain, and although I’m not driving (which in a dream is ideal) still I have an active role in encouraging and helping the driver. That’s really good.

In another part I am physically climbing an icey mountain and I get to the top. That is also a good sign.

So the dream tells me: Do what I know how to do to help and encourage others and use the skills I have for setting my sights high and going for higher goals & aspirations and then I’ll get to the victory.

The shift here was between the means of transportation being by train or by car. Trains are good if you have one way to get to where you are going but they are not so good if you need flexibility and many choices or options, which cars are better at.

This dream says with the particular challenge ahead, cars are needed and even physical climbing.

So the flip is for me to stay away from “one-track thinking” and move with my own skill & strengtprofilecarh in ways which have many options & choices.

In this way, no one gets hurt and we all achieve our desired goals.