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My Dream of Bowing Before a Chinese Battalion

23 January 2018

I am crossing a rope bridge stretching from one large canyon to the next. Wooden planks, loosely held together by century-old ropes shimmy beneath my feet. To the right of me, is a mountain range. An enormous temple, with traditional Chinese architecture, rests on a nearby mountain side, reaching far into the heavens with its height and glory. Red pillars, gold embellishments, and high, angled stair cases standing out against the baby blue sky and forest green of the nearby woods.

I say to my travel companion, who is a lot like my friendly mother, I say to her that I’d like to spend time at that temple, perhaps it is a Buddhist temple, I query. She indicates that maybe we can stop there and spend time but maybe we can’t.

We continue along the shaky wooden bridge and as we near the land I raise my gaze upward and discover there is another large Chinese-style temple established on the mountain before us. A multi-ranked army, comprised of dozens of foot soldiers busy themselves with a variety of small tasks and their sprinkling across the mountain side gives the impression of tiny ants, busy at work.

When the emperor sees us, he calls his army to attention and shouts out a greeting. They all bow to us. Even though the bridge is rocking beneath my feet, I steady my footing and bow back to indicate my respect and my rank as a Martial Artist. At that point I realize I have a long sword in my left hand and a short sword in my right. I am a warrior and they acknowledge my presence among them. My bowing sets me a part from my companion and I am seen as her protector.


Dream: North wind, Ocean Storm, Mountain Climb

20 March 2017 6:29am – Spring Equinox (Equal Night!)

  • Doodled quickly during a game & when I was done I saw an image of a young girl’s face blowing air like the North Wind
  • I also doodled a plant in bright light, mid-sun and one in the dark & dying
  • In one scene I am floating on a boat in a stormy ocean and know my way
  • In another scene I have climbed to the top of a very high mountain range ~ it’s stunningly beautiful but I was trying to get to a neighbourhood so then I say to my travel companion we have to keep going, I think the neighbourhood is that way
  • In another scene I’m resting after a long journey, in the cold, and am with a few other travelers ~ there is just one or two blankets we are all sharing and I do not have enough to cover me so I keep pulling it over and they keep pulling it back. I try to just let it go but it’s far to cold with nothing so I have to insist


This dream series has extremes in positive & negative. When I woke up I felt refreshed & renewed & invigorated like I had just been on a long hiking vacation and was back now with really great memories and new enthusiasm for day-to-day life. The funny thing is that in real life I haven’t traveled or done much outside of my own home town and yet my heart longs for that experience. It’s kinda cool though that I had it in my dream last night.

The most positive is the feeling when I arrive at the top of the mountain range. The beauty was so magestic and I was just captivated & awe-struck at how amazing it was. I had mixed feelings though because it wasn’t the goal. But I’ve never seen such beauty in my life. The mountains spanned all across the horizon as far as I could see. White snow capped mountains everywhere. And in some places the rock had formed in a curl which looked like the curl of a wave. It was amazing. So this means I can go to great heights in my path of helping others.

The most negative of the dream was trying to sleep in the cold north and not having enough blankets. I didn’t want to disturb the others who kept taking the blanket yet I could not sleep with the small amount they were giving me.

So that is a metaphor for the cold ways people in the past have treated me. Because I forgive easily and have the capacity to tolerate a lot of negatives sometimes people can do or say extremely negative things and get away with it.

The dream reminds me that sometimes, if the person doesn’t take a hint when the message is small, like me tugging on the blanket to get more, then something more direct will be needed, like me telling them “Hey, I need more blanket.” It’s not a big deal to need more and ask for it.

The other part of the dream, when I doodled and unconsciously drew a face, I guess that is just a message to remind me that even when I’m focused on one specific thing then another thing can be accomplished and it can be really cool.

Dream: Naked, Taekwondo, Unfortunate Friends’ Situation


07 February 2017

In the dream, I am in an apartment complex which it seems I am the superintendent for. A friend’s 6-member family has had to move out of their million-dollar home an into a 2 bedroom apartment. I am trying to welcome them and they are trying to be positive but I can see they won’t even last two days in this place but they have no where else to go. I don’t know what to do to help them.

Later I’m walking and I get to this fenced in area. It’s a sauna or a garden of sorts. When I get inside I’m ready to go for a dip but some people come around. They notice I am naked and comment. I realize I should have a bathing suit on to go in the water but I left my clothes at home. Someone gives me a towel and I use it to cover myself but one guy keeps eyeing me so after I tell him to stop I just punch him in the eye. It stuns him and when he opens he looks at me and I say, “Did I forget to mention I train in Taekwondo?” I notice that his eye is bruising and I didn’t mean to hurt him that badly.

The people who live there like what I did and exchange numbers with me and say they want to get together again sometime. I start planning how to get back to my clothes.


Dreamwork: Dreams of Exs never mean it’s time to get back together

Walking in a dream is about moving forward step by step

I dreamed last night I was on a bus. The bus crashed on the hwy. So every one was standing on the side of the hwy waiting to get picked up but I decided I was just gonna walk. I walked off the next off ramp and my ex was there in her car. It was T.  She offered me a ride so I jumped in and she looked beautiful for some reason and we started talking about the past and how much fun we had and we decided to try again to see if we could be together. Then I woke up.

Being on a bus means going somewhere that has a lot of options and is positive for a lot of people. It is like a car in that it is a vehicle which can steer around obstacles but it can take large number of people for the ride, which cars cannot do.

Whenever a vehicle shows up in a dream and the dreamer is not the driver the first question to ask is: what is stopping you from being the driver for what you want in your life? Most likely it is a memory of a fearful event which causes some hesitation about going forward.

In this case, the dreamer has no interest in being in the bus at all so he gets out and walks.

Walking is a great thing to do. The symbolism of it means to do something step by step. It’s great he can go for a walk in the dream it means in real life when there is a metaphorical bus crash (things not going his way) then he is willing to change directions, change plans and do something altogether different. That’s really great!

The problem is that the dream wants him to give driving a bus a try. That’s why the dream came right now. Remember: it’s useful to think of dreams as coming from our Higher Self, a part of ourself which knows what’s best for us. Some would even think of dreams coming from a Higher Power with a Will which is greater than ours, and that the more we can surrender to this Will the better our lives will be.

Here are some questions to ask yourself with a dream like this:

  1. Where in real life is there a bus crash? (where are things not going as planned)
  2. What is the biggest challenge about this crash/issue? A good way to find the biggest challenge is to notice where there are a lot of emotions which might show up as anger, or sadness, or confusion, etc. Wherever that emotion shows up, that is the big issue.
  3. What would it take to get into the driver’s seat of the bus? What would it take to avoid the crash?
  4. What happened inside the bus which caused it to crash?

In the end, the dreamer was okay. He just found an ex-girl friend and felt good about himself again.

Whenever an ex shows up in real life REMEMBER this is not literal. It does not mean go out and re-connect with the person in real life. 

What it means is that there is a quality which can develop from the learning around that relationship.

What is the quality?

What can the dreamer develop? It’s probably something around Peacefulness or Gentleness.

When the dreamer has this quality more developed then it will be like he is driving a bus to destinations he really wants to go and because he has so much Peacefulness he can get there without crashing.


1008 Dreams – Chaos on a Bus

CHAOS ON AN BUS – I am riding on a bus. A girl has a stomach ache. She doesn’t know what it is. She is laying flat and being examined – by me? By someone else? They find she has ringworn. She is really upset. I am concerned about it spreading to the others on the bus. There is a bit of chaos and she jumps up at the same time that others do. The bus driver is a big burly woman and she yells at us to sit down and she is complaining that she has “been on the job for 5 or 6 days and doesn’t want to put up with this. Whose driving the bus? She yells. Me or you?  I am. So let me. Sit down. Shut up.” Etc. We do. And as we do I think how do we get rid of this parasite and how do we prevent it from speading.

Then the girl with it stands up and comes to me and she wants to show me the worm which has coiled itself near the skin. I can’t bear to see it. She lifts her shirt to show me her stomach and I raise a pillow to block the view. I just can’t look. She tries hard for some time but then gives up and starts showing others.

We get off the bus and walk for some time. The walk iss energizing for me. I am carrying a very large load and others look at me surprised and I say I’m good and I can manage. Which I can. I fasten a belt around me which makes the load feel lighter and I walk ahead of the group. We are walking up hill. I get to a place where it is quite damp and there are two directions to go. I don’t know which one is the best on but then a neighbhour tells me which path leads to the right area which is a small hidden pathway and then he is leaving. I am about to go that way but I consider that if I go there, the others won’t know which way to go and will think the other more obvious way is the best. So I wait around for the group to join me and then when they are ready I go through a tight passage way. We walk through a cave area and come to an opening. The doorway is high and we have to pull down the stairs.

Pulling them down reveals a knome and the woman says something funny about the knome being there. He jumps up and starts talking. He wants a job but he is the one that I saw at a festival (in waking life) that I didn’t like and had a mental problem and had his busker licence revoked. I shake my head no to the friend so she doesn’t fall for it. We climb up those stairs into another room and have to wait for something, a guide, I think. As we are waiting, another worker comes by and she says they have discovered a new arrangement where they have put the lions with the turtles and the bears with the penguins in new enclosures. The calmness of the turtles makes the lions calm and the lions treat the turtles with gentleness. The penguins do the same for the bears and result in less violence. (As I write this part, another dream image comes to mind but I’m not sure in which order I had it — the image is of a big black grizzly bear running at me and then biting me. I pretended I was dead and closed my eyes and waited for a woman who was calling 911 to come. It didn’t hurt so much but there was intense pressure on my arm and I felt paralyzed. I wondered how big the bite was and how much damage there would be.)

So we climb up the stairs and go into a building. I head to the washroom. There I find that when I have a bowel movement there is a worm also. It’s big and white and mucasy. As I am leaving I wash my hands and am trying to think how to get rid of it and a woman at the sink tells me that it must be big because it made my breath smell bad even.

So I leave and am thinking “Damn, how do I get rid of this?” And a tall First Nations man approaches me and says that I am good at identifying parasites and they have had some found in their food. He asks, “Could I please stand at the table and let him know if I see any?”

“Yes, sure,” I say.

So I go there and after a few hotdogs served, sure enough I see one in a hotdog. I show it to him expecting he will toss the whole thing but he doesn’t, he peels away the worm and then goes to give the dog away. I interrupt him and say I would like that one. So that I take it and toss it when he’s not looking.

After that, I find another one which is like a centipede and by this time I begin to have fun feeling good about making their food safer.

Then it is time to go. I am told my apartment is ready.

As I am opening the door to my apartment I am told that they painted while I was away and I find that the colour is now an army green colour instead of the sunny yellow that it was before. And I find there were things that weren’t put away when I left that I now have to tidy up.

I go to the washroom and find another big long parasite comes out. I take a long stick and move it to see if it is alive. It is the kind where even if it breaks both pieces still stay alive. Yuck, I think, I’ve got to get rid of this. THEN I WAKE UP.

As I am reflecting on the message in the dream and the implications in my life another dream image came to mind…