Dreamwork With Prisoners

This initiative involves:

Prisoners Sharing Dreams

Dream Interpretations For Transformation

Step-by-step tips from 19-Day Transformation Pgm

Encouragement & Accompaniment

Coaching & Relational Support Through Court,  Incarceration & Probation

The program helps inmates with:

Achieving New Perspectives on Growth & Change

Accepting Negative Truths & Flipping to Positive Opposites

Building Uplifting Relationships

Creating Encouraging Environments for Developing New Skills & Capacities


Rachel at rperrydreamwork@gmail.com


To order your copy of Dreams From the Box – Exploring Transformation With Jail Metaphors click on this link.

You can learn more about Community Transformation Foundation which funds the Dreamwork With Prisoners initiative at www.ourctf.ca and at on Facebook.

Learn how to heal trauma by understanding the secret messages of your dreams

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