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Over the past few years I’ve listened to and read hundreds of dreams and offered interpretations with solutions for turning negatives into positives and creating a new life, a new self.  Recently, someone who has been sending me dreams for more than a year agreed to let me share them here so the message can be shared with others. 
Others continue to send dreams for me to post here too or emailing me personally at I welcome and invite people to post dreams here or email me and I will reply.
Hi Rachel,
So I dreamt I was in a hospital. Not sure if I worked there or was a patient but I lived there. Most likely a patient then but idk for what. Of course there was a girl we were friends and hung out all the time. She had a b4 that didn’t like me as he thought we were cheating but nothing happened. The girl gave me a kitten as a gift. Also there was a little girl in the dream that hung out with us too. Not sure who she was but later in the dream we found she had bed bugs. Not sure why else to say it was a long dream with a lot of detail but it’s fuzzy now. Like the girl that was a friend was my age her bf was 27 she didn’t like him much the girl and I liked each other like sexually but never did any thing. The little girls mom worked in the hospital. The girl that was my friend we would hang out and watch a tv show all the time. I think that’s it
I’m assuming this dream follows the same theme as all the others. Does being in a hospital mean healing? Or like fixing some thing? Like I’m still on the right track? It’s getting annoying there is always a girl and the same plot.
~ Anonymous
HomeBusinesSuccess!Hi Anonymous
What a great dream! Thanks for sharing it with me.
To dream of the same plot repeatedly, or to have a re-occuring dream, means there is an issue in your life (within yourself) which you are working with. This is the Science of the Dreamwork process: when you work with an issue by facing the difficult emotions over and over again then skills and capacities grow within you and as a result life gets better and better and better.
A girl showing up in  your dreams over and over, but she is not someone you know in real life, means that she is a metaphor for a cultural “girl” – it means the issue you have with her can show up in real life with any girl, any female, any woman.
When you get this, it will be as awesome as receiving a kitten, watching TV shows with friends and living or working in a hospital helping others.
The only way to deal with our re-occuring issues is to do the work daily.
It’s really not that easy because the mind has a whole storehouse full of memories of trying to go for things in life and not getting them. It’s okay to remember those things which were painful in our lives in the past because when we remember them we can process the negative emotion around the situation and then let it go.

Letting go is the key but most people in the world do not want to let go of those feelings.

It doesn’t really make a lot of sense but the thinking seems to be something like, “if I admit I have these feelings I might get hurt again, so I’ll deny I have them and then everything will be okay.” Anger, Fear or Devastation come in to try to protect the self from experiencing more pain.
But it never works. Negative feelings are our friends because they are great teachers. We learn so much from them. Acknowledging we have them is the key to transforming them. Pretending they aren’t there leads to sickness. This is why our culture is so dependent on pain killers and anti-depressants, not to mention legalized drugs like alcohol and marijuanna.
Not looking at the negatives in life makes us sick, facing them and transcending them heals & restores us.
When we work through these we can really help a lot of people in the world.
So let’s look at the dream. There are a lot of great metaphors here.
We might talk about them in more detail next time we meet.

In a dream like this, with a mix of negatives and positives it’s good to start out noticing the positives.

The setting is a hospital so that means you are in a process of healing. That is positive.
You had a friend in the hospital that is also positive.
Your friend gave you a kitten. What quality does a kitten have? A cat has the quality of independence. So a kitten in a dream means this quality is starting to develop in you now but it is at the beginning stages. That’s positive.
In the dream you liked each other sexually but didn’t do anything. Liking someone sexually in a dream is a metaphor for intimacy. For that reason, you could say it’s good to have sex in dreams with women you are attracted to because it is a symbol of integrating with a quality they have which you can also have. The laws of dreams are different than the laws of real life.
You can think of it this way. In dreams we travel to a place even though we don’t use our feet or any vehicle to get there; In dreams we are free from time. In dreams, we can fly and sour and bounce and we are free from gravity. In dreams, if we just think a thing to be there, it can be there. This is the way dreams work. They are free from time and space and many of the other laws which govern the earth.

In real life, to have sexual feelings for someone else’s girl friend is not appropriate.

Even more so to act on them.

This fundamental rule about chastity and loyalty helps to keep marriages together.
Marriages are important because they are the foundation of a family. Family is important because that is the loving environment were children are raised and nurtured. Children are important because they grow and become the adult human beings who advance civilization forward into the bright future for humanity. In this way, we could say that the peace of the world rests on the foundation of strong, loving marriages. It rests on strong, nurturing families.
The problem with our culture, of course, is that marriage is sometimes seen as more of a burden than a foundation for Peace.
I’m going to say something a bit radical here and you can disagree with me wildly if you like.
The biggest challenge that shows up in this dream is when you have sexual feelings for  your friend in the dream and you don’t act on them.
Because it is a dream, to have those feelings and act on them is good. Really good.
Even in real life, if you meet someone who is not married, even if they have a girl friend or boy friend, in a way they are still “spiritually single” and that is because they have not entered into the very special institution of marriage. Our culture would wild disagree but our culture is often wrong about so many things thats how we got into this mess in the first place.
Some people used to say “I don’t want to get married because it is just a piece of paper.” In a way they are right but in a way they are not right. I’ll tell you why.
The point of marriage is to announce to one another and to the public that the two of you vow to be together for life. You vow to help one another become better people, for life, and some believe even eternity. This is a very profound promise.

In a true marriage, the bond goes deeper than the physical intimacy. The two beings become united emotionally and mentally too. They become as one soul, as one being.


The union transcends space and time in that way. There is a majesty and a beauty to marriage for this reason. It is very, very different than individuals who agree to live together and have sex regularly, with or without conceiving children. This is not marriage. It may not even be more than a nice room-mate agreement which meets a lot of physical needs but does nothing for emotional, mental and spiritual needs or development of true capacities.
So we can say in your dream, the biggest challenge you have is wanting to have sex with your friend and not going for it. In the dream it would have been better if you did. Then the little girl would not have gotten bed bugs. Her boyfriend would not have gotten jealous or angry and instead of watching TV all the time the two of you could create a new life for one another.
Now please allow me to be clear about something.
In real life it is NOT OKAY to have sex with friends who have boyfriends. In real day-to-day life, sexual acts create babies who are then born into relationships with people who may or may not be committed to one another. It’s all over our culture now but it won’t always be this way. And what I’m writing might be perceived as radical but it’s not meant to be that way.
What I’m trying to say is that the experience of a child raised in the environment of a loving marriage is different than a child raised in the environment of a loving boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It’s just different, because marriage actually has a spiritual reality and is actually like a fortress for well-being. 
Whereas a boy-friend/girl-friend relationship is just…more superficial.
Alright, so in the dream you didn’t have sex with your friend, meaning you were not emotionally and mentally intimate or connected with her and that’s too bad, so what happened was the girl got bed bugs, the boyfriend got jealous and you watched TV when you hung out.
How to turn this around?
The key is the kitten.
The kitten is a symbol for independence. Like being an independent thinker.
Since you were a teenager in the dream (if I guess that this is the same at the other dreams with the same theme) then this is about what happened when you were a teenager which stopped you from thinking for yourself independently.

Since there was a little girl in the dream who got bedbugs you can think of her as symbolizing things which happened to you or to your friend-girl at that age. 

Bugs are little invisible things which reproduce quickly. In real life, the little things which reproduce quickly are negative comments people make to others behind the back of someone. Negative criticism & fault-finding spreads like bugs and can destroy an environment and make it very difficult to find rest. Bugs in a bed can be about finding it difficult to find rest which is the main purpose for a bed.
In a dream with bugs you can ask yourself: What is bugging me about a little girl’s childhood?
The older jealous boyfriend is probably the reason you didn’t have sex with the girl in your dream. The fear would be that he might attack and do anything to try to get his girl friend back. Our culture teaches men it’s okay to sort of act as if they own their girl-friends. This is such a huge unconscious cultural issue it’s like an invisible insidious pandemic sweeping the nation.
I’m going to write something here and it might be hard to get at first but in time it will be clearer.
Since you are in a hospital, and the girl’s mom works there, and your friend & you get along well & the bed bugs were found so now they can be exterminated then that means there is no more room for the jealous, angry, older boyfriend who just wants to dominate and control things.
In the dream, you think of him but he does not show up. He doesn’t attack. There are no issues there.
So here is the lesson for you with the dream: the painful issues you had around intimacy are based on a memory (from childhood & high school) and because you are dealing so well with it and working through it now with such regularity the pattern is changing and is becoming a non-issue now. 
That is the power of uncovering the secret messages of our unconscious feelings which show up as metaphors in dreams. When we make them conscious, acknowledge them, and detach from them we can heal from any painful event from the past. When we heal from painful events from the past we are free to live with a lot of Joy in the present.
What is the message of the dream then?
You could ask yourself: What can I do today to start to be more like the kitten and think independently?
Or: where in my life am I trying to go for intimacy in relationships and the fear of an angry boyfriend is stopping me from going forward. (Remember: this might not be literal…”angry boyfriend” could also be a symbol for “angry boss” or “angry father”…any seemingly more powerful male figure who thinks he has control over you and your life.
Ask yourself these questions and see what shows up.
Please let me know if there are any parts of this you’d like to talk about further.



Got this image waking up yesterday. Don’t know why. Says something about what would happen if we didn’t chose the Earth’s path of moving forward into love. We opted to stay with heirarchy and machine-thought. Welcome to Non-Earth I guess…

Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Frank Parsons

Frank Parsons Woke up with it in my head. Got right to the tablet and sketched it up before it went away.

Rachel Czifra Perry

Rachel Czifra Perry Was there a plot or people? Were you in it?

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Frank Parsons

Frank Parsons No. It wasn’t a dream. It was just an image that was in my head clearly when I woke up. No story-line or even a dream to go with it. It just fit my own inner thing going on about whether my path is towards love or am I too damaged by now with the crap around me. I believe the Earth is heading toward love and that we will want to go with it whether we actually are ready for it or not. If not, this was a picture of what that could look like. Earth moved on. We live lives on another Earth until we are ready to move on too.

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Rachel Czifra Perry

Rachel Czifra Perry

I’m going to write something you probably already know but now you can do it even more. The thing to do with an image in your mind which you have when you wake up is to use it to continue to wake yourself and others even more up. Since the image showed something sort of negative, in that earth wasn’t hospitable for humans or biological life in that image, then you can flip it to the positive and see that you have within you enough love to create very warm and hospitable environments for others. The crap around you…(are you still in Fort McMurray?) is transformed when you continue to do what you do to bring a positive vision of a bright future to others. It is like you are helping to bring new life to others. I remember your music, your flute playing. It’s such a gift and it lifts the spirit to heaven – it is like your music transcends space and time. This is just one of the ways you lift people’s hearts. The image is saying more is opening up for you to do it even more now.

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Frank Parsons

Frank ParsonsI am not IN to making post-apocolyptic art even though that kind of imagery would be easy for me. If I get a vision that I then draw out I will not do so in the mode of post-apocolyptic despair. So I will interpret the image as a reminder to pursue a better present and a better vision. Our media want us to make friends with despair over the future. The owners of the media well understand the power we all have to manifest reality. They constantly steer us into manifesting the one which keeps them in power. I will not help them with that.

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Frank Parsons

Frank Parsons Awesome Awesome post. Like mortar on cracked brick. I had just finished another adendum before you sent it and a lot of what you send is paralelled in it. Amazing synchronicity.

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Frank Parsons

Frank Parsons Amazing help to recieve from your post. They laugh at facebook “friends” but what are friends for if not to help with things that we are struggling with.

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Rachel Czifra Perry

Rachel Czifra PerryThank you for those kind words Frank. I’m glad the post was meaningful for you. 🙂

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Rachel Czifra Perry

Rachel Czifra Perry Frank, would it be okay with you if I cut and paste your dream and shared it on my dreamwork blog? I think it can inspire others.  What do you think?

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Rachel Czifra Perry
Rachel Czifra Perry What I’ve done when negative visions come is do the negative first and then draw or paint the positive. I paint the positive opposite of the negative. Then I just put the negative aside and focus on the positive vision.


Hi Rachel and Richard
so whats it called when you dream of some information and then the next day… someone confirms what you saw in your dream acutally true??!!!
so I dreamt of this accident scene… knowing only of the accident and a Semi truck. But in my dream… I was at the scene…. saw 5 huge pigs… and tada..the mext day at work…. they told me that there was ALL this pork meat as cargo on the truck… and I didnt have any forehand knowledge of its content… yikes!!!!
~ Jeffrey Lee
oceanscubadivingrichardDear Jeffrey,

   Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Baha’i Faith, explains it something like this.   In waking life your soul is connected to your body and mind and is limited in the way it understands time.   We see and experience time more or less in a sequential manner, one moment follows another.   We don’t go back and forth in time, but if we did, we would probably go insane.    In moments of deep meditation or sometimes in fasting and in dream life, the soul leaves the body and travels in the dream world.   In that world time does not exist in the same way that it does while waking. It has options.   You can go to the future or the past or you can to a space where time is absent.

In the world of existence, both material and spiritual, everything has a purpose.  For that reason it is good to ask yourself why you would have that kind of dream.   What is the purpose of your soul leaving your body going out into the future and seeing something bad happening in the material world that you have no part in.    It is an intriguing question.  Baha’u’llah tells us that it is good for our soul to wonder about the answer because it takes you to a realm of holiness.

My answer for your type of dream is this.  Bad things are going to happen to others because we all suffer.  It is part of being human and living on the planet.  There is no escape.   It is what you do after the negative things happen that is important.   How do you ease the suffering?  How do you prevent this type of accident?   The truck really isn’t that significant.   The dream wants you know that bad things are going to happen tomorrow and someone is going to suffer.  What will your response be?   God obviously wants you to be supportive in someone way to those who suffer.  You probably have had your fair share of suffering so you should be good at responding to others.

The dream is asking you to become empowered so that you can make the web strong.

Hope this helps.



TORTURE DREAMS: Threat of foot cut off

Hi Rachel,
I just had a dream.. where I was going to be tortured… and then the two guys come in… with saws and say.. they will be taking a FOOT off….. I instantly woke up at that moment
~Jeffrey Lee
HomeBusinesSuccess!Hi Jeffrey Lee
Feet are about getting to where you want to go. Losing a foot is about trauma. It means there’s been trauma in your life.
I was just reflecting on this topic. There’s one other helpful thing to think about.
Since the men were unknown in the dream it means it is a cultural thing.
Probably one of the reasons you and people close with you get along so well and understand one another so deeply is because of your diverse cultural backgrounds. That is so good. When you work through this, you’ll be able to help/heal others who have been through trauma. You already do this but now you will be able to do it even more.

An Eagle On My Shoulder

Hi Rachel

Ok this is going to sound weird. But yesterday j had a dream a eagle flew right on top of my right shoulder and just stayed on. Also on top of my head. And it was there the whole dream. And the dream took place in the yard I grew up on. And I was talking to my brother. Weird.

From Pearl

HomeBusinesSuccess!Hi Pearl,
With a dream like this, which is mostly positive it means you can really just go forward with the positives in your life now which is really great!
If you want to look more at the metaphors, you can think of how an eagle is a symbol for strength and far-sight. Your culture and First Nations teachings are so clear about the power of the eagle.
If you want to, you can ask yourself things like: what does it mean to have an eagle on my head? Or on my shoulder? Or…now that there is an eagle on my head & shoulder what can I do that I couldn’t do before?
Being in the yard of your childhood home means you got this strength when you were a child.
Talking to your brother means he either also had this strength too or else he didn’t and you helped him because he didn’t have it.
Does that make sense?

Hundreds of Eagles/Hundreds of Light Being

HomeBusinesSuccess!One time I had this dream:

An 11 year old girl who loves snakes was talking to me while I was in a meditative state on an airplane as I focused on her I saw 50- 100 light beings surrounding her giving her encouraging words to say to me so I wouldn’t give up.

I shared it with this friend:

 Jeffrey Lee, “Light-being extraordinaire”
And he said:
Hola. That’s intense. Reminds me of my eagles dream.
hundreds of eagles…. flying… but Light beings… thats even MORE intense

What does it mean to dream of eagles and/or light beings flying?

HomeBusinesSuccess! Here are some key symbols in these dreams.

Air is a metaphor for the future.

Eagles are a metaphor for powerful animals which eat snakes.

Snakes in dreams are metaphors for people who act with jealousy to attack and keep their position.

Light-beings in dreams are metaphors for people who have so integrated the quality of excellence that they are no longer controlled by ego, or lower-nature tendencies.

They are authentic people who are living from their Higher/True Self and can manifest the qualities & capacities needed in any life situation or challenge for the betterment of theirselves and those around them.