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Healing Through Dreamwork & the Reason It’s Not Called “DreamPLAY”

19511181_10159043252115595_4817268620510028680_nDreamwork is called ‘work’ because it takes effort & diligence just like work does. If seeking to understand personal growth through understanding metaphors in dreams was easy it might be called “Dreamplay” but the problem with that would be that people would give up when it got challenging and say something such as, “well, this is no fun. I give up.”


It’s called Dream “work” because looking at issues every day takes effort & diligence and the WILLINGNESS to change. Change is not easy. Work is not always easy. But change is what keeps life interesting and allows for things to get more and more positive daily. Work is what keeps life challenging and allows for great discoveries and progress. So despite the inevitable challenges, the process of Dreamwork for Self-Help and Healing, especially after trauma is really worthwhile.

At the beginning stages of the healing process, a lot of dreams might be full of negative emotions which show up in scenerios people sometimes call Nightmares. The goal at the beginning is to just take it easy, as if life were a beach, and look at each issue a little bit at a time each day. For example, writing down a dream in the morning and reflecting on the change that the day brings is a good routine to be in.

In time, when the healing has really permeated through all the areas of life then development can leap into the next stage which is less like a beach and more like climbing a mountain. If you are interested in exploring this concept in more depth, you can read an excellent explanation by Richard Hastings at Dreams For Peace.


Undoubtedly, by the time a dreamer is ready to really climb to new heights in their development they have encountered numerous challenging situations and behaviour, within themselves & others. Going from a snooze on the beach to a jolting hike up a hill is not a piece of cake. But by setting clear goals and then working out what it will take to achieve them, some really miraculous things can start to happen. However, at this stage the dreamer now has a whole new arsenal of skills, capacities & gifts to use when dealing with any negative behaviour which arises.

Without question, the reason trauma-work was first embarked on by the dreamer is because something in their lives was not working out too well. Maybe it was a failing marriage, or perhaps an unfulfilling career, or maybe there were physical issues such as obesity or fatigue. Whatever was the original area where healing was needed, when this healing has occurred then the next stage of development can be just so rewarding and fulfilling.

Setting goals and achieving them can bring out tremendous feelings of Joy and Gratitude. It makes all the effort worthwhile and opens the mind to brand new ideas for new goals and new heights to achieve in life.

Often times, the greatest growth for so many people begins with a negative dream image which can’t be ignored and then in time the changework just becomes part of every day living and the nightmares go away. 

The Dreamwork process of understanding metaphors and working through the issues to release positive energy and capacities is a remarkable way to take hold of the steering wheel of live and drive into the positive direction the dreamer wants to go in.

Fiercely Moving Forward

27 June 2017

Dreamwork and Changework is about looking at an issue every day and working on it to such a degree that it seizes to be an issue.

For many people, the work starts with a dream because the issue shows up in a scary nightmare and forces the dreamer to look at something which they find very negative and painful. This is especially the case for those who have been through trauma and are healing.

Other times, the issue can show up in a day-to-day life experience in some form of a confrontation or another with a situation which brings out a lot of emotion for the dreamer.

Writers know that when creating a plot line for a good story there is always a protagonist and some sort of “conflict” which the protagonist faces which moves the story along. If the protagonist changes her Self through the story and is somehow “changed” at the end then she is considered a “Dynamic Character” in literary terms. If she doesn’t change then she is considered a “Static Character” meaning she stays the same throughout. Usually if this is the case, then there will be another character in the book who undergoes a lot of change and that will provide dramatic contrast for the story.

There are 3 main sources of conflict for a protagonist 1) self vs Others – meaning the character’s biggest issue is with something another character is doing 2) self vs Nature – meaning the conflict comes from facing something in nature such as a tornado, or tsunami, or a moutain 3) self vs Self – meaning the character has to face something within their own being which has to be wrestled with in order to overcome the conflict so this could be like fighting one’s own conscious or one’s own internal cultural conditioning etc.

If a dream is thought of in these terms then it is somehow easier to empower your Self because you can ask yourself 1) What is the main source of conflict ? a) Others b) Environment c) the Self. And with this answer decide if it would be best to a) stay the same and move through the issue or b) change something about the situation and move through the issue.

To move through any issue takes Strength, Empowerment & Determination. When I was in my early 20s I used to repeat the mantra “Be Strong. Be Calm. Be Grateful.” And that helped me to stop drinking and move away from a coping pattern I had inherited from my genetics and my environment. I was a “dynamic character” in the story of my life in my twenties.

Lately, I’ve been more of a “Static Character” and in this way while I am staying the same the conditions around me are changing a lot. People are changing. Communities are changing. Employment conditions are changing. Financial situations are changing.

This is allowing me to go forward in the direction of the positive dream I have for myself in life.

It’s not going to be easy because I’m up against so much social conditioning in the people around me who think that the kinds of dreams I have for myself are impossible. But for those who have watched me come this far, they will certainly be able to believe I can go even further.

The key to moving forward now is to be able to identify what I am worried about, what causes the most anxiety and then working through it using strategies which work so that the worry can completely vanish and I can experience the type of life I’ve always wanted for myself and my family.

It will take a quality of fierceness like a wolf to get to where I want to go because it is a lot like breaking out of a prison which has been established around me and I am refusing to be imprisoned anymore.

The more I can move in fiercely positive ways towards achieving my goals the better things will be for me and my family.

The key to this is fully experiencing my Strength & Empowerment every day and then moving with Confidence in the direction of my dreams.

CLUTTERED HOUSE IS A CLUTTERED MIND: How To Declutter Your Metaphorical House and Clean Up Your Mind Using The Super Skills Which Show Up in Dreamwork and MORE

21 June 2017

Does a messy car = a messy mind?

Oh my God! When I dream of cluttered houses I feel like I want to kill myself! Okay, okay, I’m just joking. It’s not that bad as to generate suicidal thought but really I hate nothing more than dreaming about clutter and I hate nothing more than living in a cluttered house.

I can deal with dreams of murder than I can deal with dreams of clutter. It’s that horrific for me. I’d rather walk into a gang-zone then have to wake up in a cluttered home.

Guess what? Last night I dreamed of a cluttered house!

What’s more?

Everytime I cleaned it, the mess returned!!!


That is my ultimate nightmare. A never-ending mess. Oh my God! It brings up such feelings of frustration. I could scream. No. Just kidding. I won’t scream about this. But geez I hate that feeling more than almost any other feeling in the world!

So how to deal with it? Great question right!?

Okay, I’ll tell you …

But I’ve written about it in an e-book and I can’t give this stuff away for free.

I’m a single mom raising my daughter independently. Publishing e-books is one of the only ways that I can generate an additional stream of income so that I can afford to keep doing the work I do. I’ve been publishing self-help related material for 4 years, worked with dozens on their individuals dreams, and supported many who are dealing with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and nightmares.

So if you’d like to find out how I deal with and “clean up” one of the biggest and on-going issues of my life, please consider popping over to Gumroad and buying the book.

Thank you.


Dream: Bench, Hall, Ruby

January 2011

Dear Richard,

In the dream, I am sitting on a bench with a family member who has passed on to the next world, one who had qualities of strength, compassion, beauty and grace, but who also suffered from alcoholism and experienced abuse in her childhood. We are on a bench outside a hall. She has a newly polished, gold, necklace piece and she shows me it. She tells me that I have one too. Yes, I know, I tell her and I bring it out a small box from pocket and open it. It’s identical to hers but in need of polishing. The necklace charm has an R on it with 4 symbols above the R. She reminds me that my birthstone is Ruby and that that’s why there is a ruby in it. The R is for Rachel.

She takes it out to have a closer look and says that it needs to be polished too but not immediately, coming soon though, she says. Then she unravels a chain that was beneath the charm, which I didn’t know was there.

As she’s threading it through she takes a closer look at the symbols and then she shakes her head and under her breath she says, “Enough suffering now.” I hardly hear her and so I ask her to repeat herself and she just says, “Oh, it just says that you will have more suffering and I think that after all that you have been through it is enough already.” I say, “I have had a lot of suffering but it is time for abundance now.” I say it confidently because it is part of the mantra I’ve been saying to myself about abundance being in my life now.

She looks at me lovingly and shakes her head. I say, “I know, there will be more suffering. It’s okay.” She weaves the charm and gives it to me and says it will look nice when it is all polished up.

I’m just sitting there feeling sort of sad and wondering where will I get the strength to truly keep enduring the suffering because I do feel as though I’ve had enough. I feel tired to my core. When I awake I after a 2 hour nap I still just feel so, so tired. There was an air of peacefulness and calm about the dream despite this feeling of resignation at the idea of suffering more.

Thank you Richard.


Hi Rachel,

This is a very interesting dream for you. Thanks for sharing it.
Your aunt comes in the dream because she is letting you know that the qualities that are uniquely yours are about to come out.   This is why you have the R and the ruby.   The reason that you need suffering is that you are in  a learning phase about the quality.  As you see in the dream, everything needs polishing.   Polishing is the process of learning.
What is different about this suffering from previous sufferings is
that now you have come to the stage of manifesting what is uniquely you to the world.  In the first stages of healing and development you have to deal with family issues, that is, to develop the qualities that the former generations did not have.   This is part of the teaching to carry forward an ever advancing civilization.   The
suffering in this stage is very great because most families are really screwed up.   It is usually combined with what happens to you as a result of the culture.   The combination of family and culture just automatically gives a lot of suffering.

In the stage you are going into now, you are learning about what
is uniquely you.   These are what the Writings call innate qualities.

They have nothing to do with your parents or the culture, but when
you manifest them, they have the greatest transformational power in the world.     The suffering is not the same as family as with family.    Part of the problem with dealing with family suffering is that it is inherited because of the weaknesses of the former generations so our first tendency is to blame then and then hope they work it out so we can benefit.

By dealing with it ourselves it actually heals both sides.   We have a sense that we would rather being doing what is uniquely us,  like in your case, the rubiness of your life, but God requires that we first spend years and years dealing with the family issues.

This is because family is the first building block of unity in the world.

So now you are onto the gifts that are uniquely you and I can tell you that you won’t find much literature about it because the world of psychology has not gotten there yet and I am not sure if it will for awhile because in this part you have to believe in God.

The metaphor of suffering in this stage is polishing for you. The suffering in the previous stages come as a result of the lack of spirituality in others, but in this stage, it is about learning to be more uniquely you.

If you were a runner, for instance, it would be how to increase your speed and endurance.  The suffering are the workouts which are internally driven.  This means that, in this stage, you give yourself your own suffering so that you can push yourself to new levels.   No one else can do it for you.  It is an act of pure volition.

It is as if God has put this really great gem in you and now gives you the permission to see what you can do with it. Your Aunt is there to signal the beginning of this process.

I would be interested in hearing from you on how it is going from time to time just to learn more about how this stage works.