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CLUTTERED HOUSE IS A CLUTTERED MIND: How To Declutter Your Metaphorical House and Clean Up Your Mind Using The Super Skills Which Show Up in Dreamwork and MORE

21 June 2017

Does a messy car = a messy mind?

Oh my God! When I dream of cluttered houses I feel like I want to kill myself! Okay, okay, I’m just joking. It’s not that bad as to generate suicidal thought but really I hate nothing more than dreaming about clutter and I hate nothing more than living in a cluttered house.

I can deal with dreams of murder than I can deal with dreams of clutter. It’s that horrific for me. I’d rather walk into a gang-zone then have to wake up in a cluttered home.

Guess what? Last night I dreamed of a cluttered house!

What’s more?

Everytime I cleaned it, the mess returned!!!


That is my ultimate nightmare. A never-ending mess. Oh my God! It brings up such feelings of frustration. I could scream. No. Just kidding. I won’t scream about this. But geez I hate that feeling more than almost any other feeling in the world!

So how to deal with it? Great question right!?

Okay, I’ll tell you …

But I’ve written about it in an e-book and I can’t give this stuff away for free.

I’m a single mom raising my daughter independently. Publishing e-books is one of the only ways that I can generate an additional stream of income so that I can afford to keep doing the work I do. I’ve been publishing self-help related material for 4 years, worked with dozens on their individuals dreams, and supported many who are dealing with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and nightmares.

So if you’d like to find out how I deal with and “clean up” one of the biggest and on-going issues of my life, please consider popping over to Gumroad and buying the book.

Thank you.