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Dream: He Said He Wasn’t Cheating …

24 August 2017

In the dream, I was in the arms of a man I loved who I hadn’t seen for days. Out of the blue he told me he wasn’t cheating. I hadn’t thought that he was but now that he said it, suddenly I began thinking it maybe a possibility.

My analysis: Physical intimacy in a dream is a metaphor for two qualities merging together, about a person taking on the qualities of the other person. It’s about soul growth.

So what is the meaning if someone you are very close with in a dream is “cheating.”

Well, in the dreamworld, unlike this physical world, it would make sense that there are many partners. The intimate physical acts between people are metaphors for their strongest qualities coming together so it would be natural to be intimate with more than one person in a dream.

That is not the case for real life, of course. One husband and one wife create the foundation for a stable and strong family. If either goes out side of this union, tremendous spiritual bonds are broken and trust is fragmented.

So the insight about this dream of cheating is that if the man in my dream knew it was a dream, he could absolve himself from guilt to a degree. Afterall, it is just a dream. But of course, he thought it was a real world experience and so he felt guilty. Had he really cheated? Was he really hiding something? Who is to say?

The deeper part of this, of course, is that it was my dream. So it was my experience of encountering someone who was telling me they did nothing wrong before I even thought that they were. So their comments lead me to suspicion far before anything else does.

I can ask myself a few things about this. Where in my own life am I not doing anything wrong but I feel like I am so I talk about it and that actually makes me look bad? And also, I may want to consider if it could be possible that someone I care about is doing something behind my back which is cheating or like it. That is possible of course.

This dream seems to be just about having awareness about the possibility of things going on behind my back and to be on guard a bit for any surprises.

The way to heal a relationship like this if there is an issue of trust is to first rid your own Self of all trace of jealousy, hate or anger. Those emotions will just create a jail cell of life experience. Instead, feel free to be inclusive, loving & seeking justice. In this way, even if someone does something which they feel is dishonest or hurtful, then you both can use the experience to learn about one another and to keep growing closer. This is how intimacy builds and how relationships can last for the long term.