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“Praise God for this fella” – the beauty of an Arizona Black Rattlesnake

I recently dreamed that I was really good at handling a rattlesnake so that it couldn’t hurt anyone. In the dream, someone else with a lot of confidence but lacking competence also wanted to handle the snake but she did so in such a way that it got agitated and was squirming ready to bite or attach.

This dream has left me awe-struck at the beauty of the dreamworld, the perfection with with dreams are designed.

Not knowing much about black rattlesnakes before this dream I researched them a bit online and found this great video. There’s lots to learn about these beauties but here are a few which stick out because I saw these qualities about the snake in the dream even before I learned they have these real qualities in real life.

  1. The name is Black Arizona Rattlesnake – This is interesting because the “blacker-than-black” quality of the snake stood out for me in the dream and helped me in my research afterwards. The Black Rattlesnake lives in Arizona and for me this is one of the places on earth which I really want to experience in real life. But symbolically, Arizona is a warm country full of natural mystery and wonderment so the Black Rattlesnake from Arizona is inviting me in my dream to experience the warmth of wonderment.
  2. These snakes like to curl up – In the dream, the snake was curled up at the beginning and I discovered that in real life these snakes do like to curl up and hide out waiting for their next meal. If they sense a threat they will retreat before resorting to attack. They are actually mild-mannered snakes as you’ll see from this video. They only start their rattle going if they cannot escape and they will shake their rattle until they lunge and bite. They don’t want to attack though and if given the chance will retreat instead of attack.
  3. Handling them with care lessons the risk of attack – In the dream, someone provokes the snake and it tries to bite my hand but I am skilled at dealing with it and I demonstrate how I can take a fang to the hand without getting bit and can remove the fangs while calming the snake. The other person takes the snake and holds it high over her head, flaunting that she believes she knows best. However this agitates the snake and it prepares to bite.

What I like about learning about the Arizona Black Rattlesnake is that I discovered that even though it is poisonous a bite from it would be painful but not likely lethal. I also liked learning that it is a docile creature who retreats when feeling threatened and only attacks if provoked.

The dream was a good lesson for me and a good reminder that sometimes I can be relating to someone who thinks they know what they are doing even when they do not and this can cause hurt to a lot of people.

Someone wise said to me recently that, “Hurt people will hurt people.” And that is what this dream is about.

Someone who has a lot of confidence but not a lot of competence is likely hurting inside and their actions result in hurting others.

Someone like that would benefit from therapy.

How To Handle Snake-like Behaviour in Others

01 July 2017

A while back I dreamed of handling a blacker-than-black rattlesnake. Even though the snake was poisonous and trying to bite I could handle it easy like an expert. Someone else tried to show off and say they could handle rattlesnakes too but when they tried they realized they couldn’t. In the dream the snake gave me a tiny bite on my hand but I shook it off with no issues.

A dream like this is one of my favourites to deal with because it deals with a snake, which is a perfect symbol for change & transformation.


In the dream, I am teaching others how to handle rattlesnakes. That means in real life I have an ability to handle a lot of change & transformation AND have the ability to teach others.


So that is what I’m setting out to do in this post.


To begin, it’s useful to think of the difference between a rattlesnake and other poisounous snakes. The rattle makes them very different. They expect that if they taunt their target with the ominous shake of the rattle then the target will either flee or freeze. If the flee, so be it. If they freeze, they become lunch.


So in real life, the rattle of a snake is like the rattle of someone negative making threats and “noise” to try to create a fear response in its target. There are some people, like narcissists, who get a thrill over shaking things up and generating fear in others.


In the dream, the rattle doesn’t turn me away and it doesn’t turn my mom away either. So that means that this gift was given to me by her. It’s something I inherited from her.


The problem in the dream is that she wants to match or surpass my skills and she can’t.


People in dreams are not always about the people in real life. When a person shows up in an dream it can be about a part of the dreamer that is similiar to the character in the dream. So this dream with my mom does not mean it is really about her in real life, although that may be one possibility.


In the dream I handle the snake well and in real life people who have snake-like tendencies often have a lot of jealousy. They often wait and then pounce on prey when least expected and they try to bring others into an fight. It comes from a place of fear, fear of losing something like a position. If they see someone else who they perceive as threatening their position they can attack with poison to try to bring the person down.


There’s not too much to get worried about in a dream or real life scenario with snake-like people. The key is to just be flexible and willing to change and adapt. In this way, new strengths are developed and old skills are called on to deal with the new situation.


When a snake shows up in your dream you can start asking yourself, “Where in my life is there some room for growth, transformation and Change?”

You might be surprised.