Bathroom Dreams: New, Clean & Fresh

Bathroom dreams are about releasing negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, disappointment, devastation, etc.

In this dream, it is a public washroom so it is about people releasing negative emotions publicly. But it is a private conference so there is an element of privacy involved.


  • new clean & fresh bathroom in a hotel – this is about having the proper venue now for releasing negative emotions even in private public spaces


  • I was in the water in the tub which wasn’t really for washing, it was more like a fountain & I peed in it – this is about being able to release slightly negative emotions in a way that is easy for others, and about showing the how


  • my friend had 5 babies – this is about learning to plan in advance for more things


  • and we were trying to help her plan


  • she had a plan and it played out like scrum diagram style for a year


  • someone else got jealous that she understood how to organize that many helpers for a year


  • the hotel was awesome


  • we were there in Orlando for a long time like 2 months


  • I hadn’t packed right because I didn’t know where we were going. I was in a lot of long-sleeved black shirts & others were in colourful, airy summer shirts.


  • but i was like a supervisor and I could wear whatever I wanted without judgement.


  • at one point the guy I was sort of with did something embarrassing to others & someone asked him who he was with & I was embarrassed to show it used to be me. In my mind, I thought “never again.” We were in a van, everyone was silent and I was thinking of ways to avoid him in the future.



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